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Alexander Sevastian

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Bach: Toccata

Scarlatti: Sonata D-minor K9 L413

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Alexander Sevastian is the four-time first prize winner of the International Accordion Competition. He won Norway’s Oslofjord Accordion Competition (1988), The Cup of the North in Russia (2000) and the Anthony Galla-Rini Accordion Competition in the US (2001). Alexander Sevastian was born in Minsk, Belarus and began his accordion studies at the age of seven. In 1991 he attended the… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“Johann Sebastian would himself have marvelled at the colours Sevastian’s fleet fingers pulled from his instrument. Astonishing!” — Oliver Daily News, Oliver, Canada

“Sevastian masters the accordion with the most absolute swiftness” — La Press, Montreal, Canada

“Lots of infectious humor and some world-class accordion-playing by Alexander Sevastian…” — The Naples News, Naples, USA

“The speed and the dynamic intensity with which he played made it obvious to all that his International competition accolades were well deserved” — The Tribune, Nassau, Bahamas

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