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Patricia Cano

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Solidão Nunca Mais (featuring Carlos Bernardo, Luis Orbegoso)

Fall Into Me (featuring Carlos Bernardo)

Manuela (featuring Carlos Bernardo)

Toro Mata (featuring Carlos Bernardo, Luis Orbegoso)

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Patricia Cano was born in Sudbury, ON where she grew up in a Peruvian household. Upon graduating from University of Toronto in Theatre and Spanish Literature, Patricia spent five years working in Paris (France) with the world-renowned theatre company Le Théâtre du soleil, during which time she was sent to Seoul (South Korea) for three months to study traditional South… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“I greatly enjoyed Patricia Cano’s show. Her sincerity, sensitivity, and the anecdotes on her family and her origins touched very many people (…) beginning with me. Patricia literally radiates on stage. She is truly made for live concerts. Her voice, her charm, and her warmth make it so that people have only one word to offer at the end, and that is “Bravo!”” — Luce Couture, Centennial Theatre (Sherbrooke)

“Cano´s diaphanous voice shines bright, a voice we will most certainly hear more about in the future. An auspicious debut!” — Raúl Cachay Alegría, El Comercio, Lima (Peru)

“Patricia Cano was one of the biggest sensations of the Mundial Montreal showcase program 2012. Her powerful voice, graceful poise on stage, deep cultural roots and disarming smile won her many fans in the gathering of VIP organizers. I look forward to seeing Patricia Cano storm world stages with her enormous talent. I would recommend to any presenter that Patricia be invited to enhance their programming!” — Derek Andrews, Music Curator Luminato Festival (Toronto) & Artistic Director of Mundial Montreal

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