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Experience the power of music to bring together people and cultures from the four corners of the world! KUNÉ unites eleven artists who joyfully exchange and celebrate their different cultures from around the world to create a distinctive sound. With musicians from Peru, Burkina Faso, Cuba, China, and elsewhere, KUNÉ shares in one another’s music and cultures, while introducing instruments as diverse as the ethnic backgrounds represented. Eye-opening and ear-pleasing fun for the whole family!

The project was initiated by Mervon Mehta, director of the prestigious Koerner Hall (Toronto) and the group’s first performance was presented there in collaboration with the Aga Khan Museum, the Batuki Music Society, CBC Music, Diaspora Genius, the Lula Music and Arts Centre, Small World Music, the Department of Music at York University and the 918 Bathurst Centre. The ensemble released a first album in 2018 (Universal Music Canada) and is working on a second original album scheduled 2023.

KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra – includes:
Demetri Petsalakis, Musical Director – lyra, guitar & oud
Ahmed Moneka – percussion
Aline Morales – congas, pandeiro, alfaia & zabumba
Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk – violin & viola
Dora Wang – dizi, xiao & alto flute
Lasso – djembe, n’goni, peul flute & tama
Luis Deniz – alto saxophone
Matias Recharte – drum, cajón & percussion
Paco Luviano – double bass & electric bass
Padideh Ahrarnejad – tar
Selcuk Suna – clarinet & tenor saxophone


Mãe d'Àgua


Hymn to Freedom


© Zahra Saleki
© Zahra Saleki
© Andrew M. Daddio
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© Andrew M. Daddio
© Andrew M. Daddio


Kuné is a musical journey that takes listeners on a trip around the world…

— Now Magazine (Toronto)

It doesn’t get any more multicultural than [Kune].

— The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa)