Second Chances (New!)

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© Sasha Onyshchenko


Second Chances, RUBBERBAND’s new repertory show includes Commissions Suite, a reconstruction of two works originally choreographed by Victor Quijada for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (Physikal Linguistiks) and Scottish Dance Theater (Second Coming). A soundtrack by DJ Jasper Gahunia provides the scenery as seven performers navigate the chaos. Quirky, fresh and witty, Commissions Suite contains classical samples, cavernous soundscapes and surprises, as Victor Quijada takes urban dance to new theatrical territory.

Along with Commissions Suite, there are excerpts from Trenzado which draw on Quijada’s experience growing up in Los Angeles as a first-generation Mexican-American. Returning to the stage as a performer, Victor explores themes of identity, places of belonging and homeland. The soundtrack, by composer and DJ Jasper Gahunia, samples the traditional Mexican norteño music genre (corridos and ranchera).

Second Chances will be premiered in March 2024.

Duration: 60 minutes
For 7 dancers
Created in 2023.


© Sasha Onyshchenko