Reckless Underdog (work in progress)

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© Marie-Noële Pilon


RUBBERBAND’s new creation, Reckless Underdog, propels the company’s achievements of the last twenty years to new heights. In a work larger than nature, fifteen dancers come together in a choreography of three acts.

Each part, a piece in itself, draws spectators into a unique, complex world through its distinctive scenography, music, and movement aesthetic.

The first, inspired by classical ballet, redefines the rules of the pas de deux in a bright, mechanical environment. The second deconstructs the break cypher in a sombre, oppressive atmosphere. The third, boldly experimental, distorts theatrical codes, confronting them head-on in an abstract, minimal, highly-coloured approach.

For the creation of the music, director and choreographer Victor Quijada has called upon artists who have inspired him for years. All of them have a strong connection to Montreal. Alaclair Ensemble and Kid Koala will create original pieces for Reckless Underdog, and Chilly Gonzales will give us access to previously unreleased pieces, remixed by Jasper Gahunia, a longtime musician collaborator of RUBBERBAND.

For Victor Quijada, this new chapter in the company’s history is the culmination of the RUBBERBAND Method and its capacity to overturn the traditional conventions of dance genres. Reckless Underdog is guaranteed to transport us through a lyrical, figurative dissection of pedestrian movement that defies the limits of time and space.

Reckless Underdog is a coproduction of RUBBERBAND and Danse Danse,  with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Reckless Underdog will be premiered at Danse Danse series in April 2023.

Duration: TBC

Choreographer, Victor Quijada
Cast: 15 dancers (names to be confirmed)
Dramaturgy, Mathieu Leroux
Costume Design, Cloé Alain-Gendreau
Lighting Design, Jon Cleveland
Scenograpgy, Pierre-Etienne Locas
Musical Direction, Jasper Gahunia (+ Chilly Gonzales, Kid Koala, Alaclair Ensemble)
Technical Direction, Marcin Bunar
Production Director, Véronique Perreault


Reckless Underdog (work in progress)

Reckless Underdog - Promo Clip


© Marie-Noële Pilon
© Marie-Noële Pilon
© Marie-Noële Pilon