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Inspired by Chaplin, Keaton and the era of silent films, two characters take to the empty stage in a timeless performance of enthralling physicality and exquisite humour. Pss Pss is an extraordinary physical performance blending contemporary clown with theatre and circus. Inventive and exciting, this poetic and breathtaking fumble through mishaps, acrobatics, and life, will have you laughing long after you leave the theatre. Simone Fassari (him) and Camilla Pessi (her) play out their hilarious and unique pas de deux through the universal language of gestures and glances, without a single word being spoken. Brilliant, tender, hilarious and ingenious.

For 8 years old and up.


Forget the red noses… enthralling… inspired… hilarious.

— The Times (London, UK)

The London international mime festival have found gold… packed with ideas and ingenuity… outstandingly funny

— The Stage (United Kingdom)

Hilarious possibilities of mishap and mayhem.

— The Herald (Scotland)

Instantly captivating… virtuoso comic clowning… a sheer delight

— Edinburgh Guide (Scotland)

At the peak of their game… Go, go and buy your ticket now

— (United Kingdom)

Bewitching… enthralling… the audience are in hysterics. Inventive and exciting, this couple of clowns will have you laughing long after you leave the theatre.

— Broadway Baby (United Kingdom)

A must see. Taking inspiration from Keaton, Fellini and of course Chaplin, their timeless performance of hilarious mishaps and outstanding acrobatics is utterly charming.

— Mumble Comedy


Pss Pss