O Balcao de Amor

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After a trip to Cuba, Itzik Galili was inspired by its timeless music to create an energetic piece. It is a ballet Galili infuses with myriad comedic sparks, looseness, sex and lovely absurdity.

“Sometimes, as grown-ups, we encounter seemingly trivial details that bring us back to our youth and its hopes.

Pérez Prado’s music, with its lightness, gives me a deep sense of simple joy. It makes me happy to see how the young generation relates to it, and to see the different layers of feelings it awakens in them: joy, laughs, but also a profound smile…”

“Between fantasy and reality, desire to sanity.
A borderline as a walking rope, worshipping a dream.
At the end of a day, trading happiness with pain
Located at the end of each breath
Dancing demon soul that flows into the horizon
On the brink of the abyss.”

– Itzik Galili


O Balcão de Amor is a rowdy light-hearted romp for a motley cast of colorful characters, from a slick guy in a suit to a tutu-ed prima donna to the nerdy guy in glasses, bow tie, and suspenders who opens the piece chasing after his moment in the spotlight. Music by Cuban bandleader Pérez Prado (known as “King of the Mambo”) fueled some impressive technical virtuosity seeded with flirtatious couplings, awkward missteps, flamboyant gestures, and pratfalls.

— Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe


O Balcao de Amor

O Balcao de Amor