Les myriades (2 or 4 musicians)

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Here is the recipe for Mélisande [électrotrad]’s award-winning cocktail: pour equal parts of centuries-old traditional Québécois songs, state of the art electronic instruments and relentless drums, add an ounce of fiery fiddle, peaty flute and hypnotic jaw harp, a dash of tangy banjo and a hint of full-bodied bass. Shake vigorously, garnish with a sparkling singer and serve on stage!

The eclectic duet pursues its creative journey between tradition and modernity with its third album Les myriades (Borealis Records 2019). The songs proposed were discovered through an important field recording project with elders led by Mélisande and Alexandre «Moulin» Grosbois-Garand in 2018 along the banks of the Richelieu River. This great adventure allowed the artists to take their ethnological efforts even further and to discover sympathetic people from their region. Mélisande and “Moulin” have fused their ethnological music roots and traditional instrumentation with complex electronic programming to create a sonic experience like no other. Surrounded by two seasoned musicians and a flamboyant breakdancer (optional) they present a highly energetic show!

With its first two albums (Les métamorphoses 2014, Les millésimes 2017), Mélisande [électrotrad] has earned an enviable place on the music scene, winning two Independent Music Awards, a Canadian Folk Music Award, several nominations and critical acclaim, in addition to presenting over 150 shows in Canada, the United States, France and Australia.

With Mélisande lead vocal, jaw harp), Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand (flute, bass, keyboard,programming, vocal) and guest musicians David Boulanger (violin, banjo, foot percussions, vocal) and Félix-Antoine Beaudoin (drums, electonic drums).
Guest dancer: Kevin « Sonik » Desriveaux (breakdancer).


Les myriades

Les myriades - Berges du Richelieu