Horizons (new show)

Canada and United States  
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For more than 20 years, MG3 has been touring America, Europe and Oceania. Known for their ardor, virtuosity and unbridled interpretations, the trio took advantage of the obligatory break of the last year to create a corpus of new works, inspired by the multiple currents that have shaped the sound of MG3 over the years. Film music, classical music, world music, jazz, even touching on the British rock of the Beatles or Radiohead, these are the sources of inspiration at the basis of the creation of Horizons. Through original compositions, interspersed with some of Ennio Morricone’s and Danny Elfman’s outstanding film themes, this show transports the listener to the very heart of a cinematic universe, sometimes contemplative, sometimes animated. Like a custom-made film soundtrack, Horizons perfectly describes MG3’s musical journey of the last two decades. Thrills and strong emotions guaranteed!