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© Sasha Onyshchenko


For his third collaboration with the company, Andonis Foniadakis offers a deeply sensual duet set to the heady vibrations of Ball and Chain, a song originally written and recorded by Big Mama Thornton and later made popular by Janis Joplin. For this BJM creation, Ball and Chain is re-interpreted by the haunting vocals of Quebec’s flamboyant blues artist, Angel Forrest. The BJM duo’s exhilarating force and fluidity bring palpable meaning to this anthological song, delivering a performance pulsating with pure energy and staggering physical power. A creation bearing all the distinctive hallmarks of the choreographer and BJM.

“Child, the living’s easy. Walk on the wild side. On the edge. Keep walking on it. Live your life to the fullest. To the extreme. To the crazy life. Climb the stairway to heaven. Like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t hold back. Save nothing for later. Life fast and die young. You’re a legend.”

Andonis Foniadakis


Le duo se donne à fond dans la gestuelle rapide et explosive : beaucoup de portés et de contact entre les deux danseurs. Le résultat est phénoménal ! On ne peut que rester captivé par leur énergie.

— Catherine Bellefleur, DFdanse, Montréal




© Sasha Onyshchenko