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Le Vent du Nord

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The award winning and highly acclaimed band Le Vent du Nord is a leading force in Quebec’s progressive francophone folk movement. The group’s vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions, while enhancing it’s hard-driving soulful music (rooted in the Celtic diaspora) with a broad range of global influences. Today the banc is composed of singers and multi-instrumentalists… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“The mighty Le Vent du Nord, augmented by fiddler Andre Brunet who joins the band from fellow Quebecois heavyweights, La Bottine Souriante, bring forth a timely exploration of unification and collective cohesion in their tenth album, Territoires. (…) Listeners are particularly spoilt by ‘Cotillon du Capitaine’, a set of tunes that meditates on an uplifting melody before exploding into sparkling piano embellishments which take us to an entirely unprecedented territory” — Sophie Parkes, RockNReel/R2 ****

“Territoires is the sort of album that sweeps you along on a wave of pleasure and it may be Le Vent du Nord’s best.” — Dai Jeffries FOLKING

“Breezing through album ten with a new friend (…) Au Régiment is given a masterful contemporary treatment by the band, with drone-like backing vocals and splashy, jazzy piano accompagniment developing into an unstoppable anthem.” Tim Woodall — 4 Stars & Top of the world album, Songlines

“Undoubtedly their best work to date. They are at the pinnacle of the genre.” Blues and Roots Radio Worlwide

“Easily the most kinetic is the hip-shaking, beer-swilling frolic that is “La Step a Alexis,” a nod to one of the bandmember’s antic toddler.Nowhere is that more felt than on the gorgeous “Louisbourg,” a sterling vocal a capella effort featuring all five vocalists at their absolute best. From start to finish Territoires is authentic roots music delivered with purpose, poise and passion. If there’s a better non-English vocal album released so far this year, we have yet to hear it.” — WRIR Global A Go-Go

“A much-loved Quebecois phenomenon returns with a new member and a new sound” — Séamus Bellamy — Arts manager international

“An early favourite for many best-of lists, this release captures the raucous fun of a live show and highlights the musicality of the various players.” Tanya Corbin, Penguin Eggs Magazine

“It has very high production values, fabulous close harmony singing and above all, wheelbarrow-loads of passion… The whole band are stellar musicians and this CD is full of tracks that would be showstoppers anywhere else” — Philip Thomas, The Living Tradition

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