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Social Tango Project

Photo: Carlos Furman

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Agent (Québec, Canada)

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Social Tango Project — Social Tango Project

Territory represented: Québec, Canada

From Buenos Aires, dance company Social Tango Project will tour for the first time in Canada in April 2021. Tango, a social dance, enables people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds to meet in an “embrace.” Through the dance they can express themselves creating a deep connection with their dance partner and also with a community. Social Tango is a… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“This is a beautiful audiovisual experience in the broadest sense, which attracts audiences from different spheres — photography, dance and cinematic documentary — and provides an exquisite glimpse of a world of fascination with movement and the personal metamorphosis it can produce” — Revol Dance Magazine

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