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Victor Quijada and RUBBERBAND Group have not only redefined breakdance codes within an institutional context and enlivened the Quebec dance scene, but have opened the way for new creators fascinated by this dance form. Armed with a technique he conceived for dancers, the RUBBERBAND Method — an electrifying vocabulary combining the energy of Hip Hop, the refinement of classical ballet… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“Mélanie Carpentier from Le Devoir remarks that the technical language performed by the ten young dancers was masterful and energetic and that there were audible exclamations from the public.”

“A Boston Globe critic praised RUBBERBANDance Group as having ‘the formal clarity and controlled elegance of ballet (and) the raw, athletic exuberance of street dance.” — Los Angeles Times, United States

“Quijada’s impressive partnering with Plamondon is all about rigorous structured movement sequences, spontaneous precision, calm beauty and moody urban vision. Both have an incredible stage presence.” — Hour, Canada

“Quijada’s choreography blurs the hard edges of breaking with contemporary sensibility, boasting delectably clever partnering and buoyant musicality.” — Time Out Chicago, United States

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