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H’Sao: a family; a band. Caleb, Mossbass, Izrael Rimtobaye and their childhood friend Dono Bei Ledjebgue are the four group members. Originally from Chad, they have been living in Montreal for 15 years now. Originally known as Hirondelle (Swallow), the band renames itself in 1995. It becomes H’Sao, meaning literally “Saos’ Swallow”, the Saos being the ancestors of the people… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“There’s no categorising this hugely versatile, volatile group. They’re a meld of so much, like the history of music from its roots in one composition.” — Nelson Mail (New Zealand)

“The four-member group showed incredible energy and versatility on synth, guitars, drums and various shakers.” — Otago Daily Times (New Zealand).

“Multilingual chants and cohesive music are finely performed by these accomplished singers and musicians. The cohesion and technical level seen here undoubtedly place this band among the best of its kind in Montreal.” — La Presse (Québec).

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