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Christopher Hall

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Christopher Hall and the Comic Quartet

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Accompanied by a string quartet, Christopher Hall (clarinet) delights people with beautiful music while making them laugh from time to time! This irresistible group of musicians promises to fill your ears and heart with their joie de vivre and their beautiful music making. Between the performance of each piece, Christopher Hall turns into a stand-up comic and makes fun of the musicians, the music and especially all of the rituals surrounding the performance of classical music we have grown to live with, and all this just to remind the public that classical music is for everyone and does not require a PhD to be appreciated. The program features works by Mozart, Brahms and Weber.

Agent (international)

The Comic Orchestra

Territory represented: international

Surrounded by the musicians of the orchestra, clarinetist/humorist Christopher Hall will guide you through the mysteries of the orchestra with the attitude of “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the orchestra but were afraid to ask.” The comedian answers all of the public’s existential questions, such as: “What exactly is a musician thinking while he is playing?” “Do we really need a conductor?”… And THE killer question: “What is the ideal moment to actually unpack my candy during a concert?”. In addition, to complete the exercise, Christopher Hall answers the public’s most intrusive questions.

The program will review some of the great epochs in the history of music, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and several pages of the symphonic repertoire, spanning from Johann Sebastian Bach to John Cage. No need for a mink coat or a doctorate in musicology to appreciate this show! Novices and music lovers alike will find their pleasure in a magical alloy of music and fantasy.

This is a highly colourful evening, full of hilarity and wonderful music that is offered to you. The program features works by Weber, Mozart, Boccherini, Bach, Britten, etc.

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