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Patricia Cano


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Madre — Amiga — Hermana

Patricia Cano, the highly acclaimed, multi-award winning Canadian-Peruvian singer-songwriter/ actor, proposes a new program entitled Madre — Amiga — Hermana. Conceived with Latin percussion virtuoso, Luis Orbegoso, this concert is an homage to womanhood, boasting 11 songs (9 original) that explore themes such as motherhood, race, legacy, the birth of love, as well as the environment, with an exquisitely lush ode to la Pachamama (Mother Earth), sung in Spanish and Quechua.

Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Samba, and Latin American folk elements intersect with Jazz throughout, and Patricia’s signature multilingual stylings (Spanish, French and English) intimately capture the spirit of the different cultures she inhabits.


Agent (Festivals)


In her concert Ilusión, presented at the Luminato Festival 2013, Patricia Cano shares her rich cultural heritage with exceptional generosity, delving into the repertoire of her debut album “This is The New World” made up almost entirely of original works, with a few traditional pieces, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Influenced by South American folk forms such as Afro-Peruvian rhythms and samba, Patricia’s music is driven by the groove of jazz, and the soul of folk & blues. On stage, the energy that inhabits her is powerful to behold, and the breath, colour and textures of her voice change with every emotion expressed through her words and music.

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