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Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

Cuba’s most popular dance company that is beloved around the world, Havana-based Dance Cuba has remained since its founding fifteen years ago under the inspired creative direction of dancer-choreographer Lizt Alfonso. The all-female company of 17 beautiful and technically superb dancers performs “with amazing unanimity” (New York Times) and with “sheer technical finesse” (Chicago Sun-Times). Accompanied by an on-stage ensemble of 6 remarkable mostly-male musicians, Dance Cuba fuses the rapidly clacking heels of the flamenco, with the flowing grace of classical ballet, added to the hot passion of Afro-Cuban dance with a touch of jazz. Altogether it is exciting, riveting — and highly sensual. And as the dance critic in El Paso TX said: “If you ever get a chance to see this company, jump on it!”

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What the media says…

“… Her Company of superb performers can do it all and do it at such a high caliber, commitment and skill, while exuding beauty and pride…” — The Dance Insider, New York

“… ce qui est cubain et ce qui est espagnol ont été uni de manière fantastique, laissant les 700 spectateurs abasourdis et émerveillés dans une ovation debout.” — Cantata, Cuba

“Un mélange singulier d'émotion, de passion, de beauté et de magie caractérisent le travail de cette compagnie.” — Gran Teatro de La Habana, Cuba

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