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Anne Plamondon

Photo: Michael Slobodian

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Anne Plamondon is a choreographer, dancer and director. Her dancing is characterized as captivating, fluid, gracious, versatile, and radiant. After classical training at the National Ballet School of Canada and the Banff Centre for the Arts, Anne Plamondon graduated from the École supérieure de danse du Québec in 1994 and immediately joined Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. The following… • Read the full biography

What the media says…

“An exceptional, unique dancer who not only manages to achieve the improbable blend of infinite delicacy, total fluidity, and muscular power, but also that of physical and emotional impact.” — La Presse, Montréal

“At the heart of magnificently soaring, harmonious passages, Anne Plamondon transfigures these gestures and colours them with delirium, paranoia, and hallucinations. She succeeds in making us experience all those states in which a being is no more than a thousand pieces, peeled apart under our very eyes.” — Danse Nouvelles Montréal

“The long-awaited boldness of mounting a solo show has proved sublimatory for this miraculously talented performer, who surrenders herself unrestrainedly, using the body as the primary medium of lived experience. Anne Plamondon, in her honesty, leaves a large place for fragility, and it is an inestimable privilege for the public to have been able to witness this.” — Df Danse, Montréal

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